Bordeaux 2017: the conundrum vintage

Returning from the Bordeaux en primeur tastings, many UK merchants seem confident of the quality of the best wines in 2017 and the potential to sell them – but will wariness over the frost-struck vintage, uncertainty over pricing, the spectre of a long campaign and an apathetic market put paid to its chances before the wines are even released?

You can now buy rum aged in Bordeaux wine casks from Château Pape Clement

Premium rum brand Emperor has expanded its range with two new product launches — an aged white rum and a "Private Collection", limited edition bottle aged in Bordeaux wine casks.

Bordeaux 2017: The frost report

Bordeaux 2017 will perhaps always be remembered as a 'frost vintage' but that is far too simplistic a term for what is a fascinating, complex and occasionally brilliant vintage.

Climate change could drastically alter Bordeaux wines, expert warns

The Bordeaux of 2050 could be much fruitier, may not have the same capacity for ageing and could have a lower alcohol content, a Bordeaux winemaker and oenologist has warned.

GVG fined €200,000

April 9th, 2018

Fraud charges rock Bordeaux

March 20th, 2018

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