Heineken becomes first booze brand to sign up to Amazon Dash

Heineken has become the first booze company to sign up to Amazon Dash to provide 'beer at the touch of a button’, in a move that is likely to prompt others major drinks brands to follow suit, according to analysts.

Stag semen beer set to return – minus the stag

A David Bowie inspired brewery that developed a beer laced with stag semen has said it may bring the beer back - but minus its most famous ingredient.

Drinks design: The cult of craft

Technology might be speeding us towards ever-greater levels of connectedness, rapid communication and convenience, but quality and craft remain at the heart of drinks design, finds Lauren Eads.

10 of the world’s least fattening beers

As a trend toward health conscious consumption, calorie labelling and beer yoga gathers pace, we round up some of the least calorific beers on the market.

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