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March 2018

Soaring Success

Prosecco producers are talking terroir

While Prosecco may be an undoubted success, many producers are attempting to persuade sellers and consumers to trade up to better quality – and more expensive –versions of the popular Italian fizz.

’Nay Sayers

New Zealand’s ‘other’ white is turning heads

There’s more to New Zealand whites than Sauvignon Blanc. Its Chardonnays range from fruity to flinty, and are increasingly attracting the attention of connoisseurs.

Red Dawn

Japan’s wine producers open up to the wider world

Vines have been cultivated in Japan for more than a thousand years, and wine isnow made in 36 of Japan’s 47 prefectures.

February 2018

A New Twist

The environmental impact of closures is driving developments in stoppering drinks

Mamma Mia!

The Italian regions taking the on-trade by storm

Ground Rules

Why Terroir is becoming vital to vodka producers

January 2018

Brolly good

Our Green Awards hail the brands that stand out from the crowd

Coming up down under

Australia’s Yarra Valley is a hotbed of exciting wines

Mighty Blighty

The UK’s vibrant retail scene

December 2017

Power Dressing

Luxury is the watchword as fine wine brands vie for position in the liv-ex top 100

Still Crazy

New distilleries boost Scotch Whisky revival

In with the old

Vintage Spirits are given a new lease of life

November 2017


Sparkling wine producers target millennials

The Sekt Pistols

Germany’s winemakers have the fizz market in their sights

Fine Time

Chile shifts its focus to top-end wines